About Us

WildNomads Bags

What means WildNomads LifeStyle?

We are nomads on the road of personal growth. No more expectations of people, society or even yourself. Without limits. You can choose to become who you want to be.

Being a WildNomad is to choose a path of a constant learning process,it is an opportunity to expand your mind on the other possibilities of a fully enriched lifestyle.

We place emphasis on valuing wisdom and truth.

Our Mission

WildNomads only works with local artisans and all our products are handmade.

We inspire a new lifestyle through handicrafts.

You can feel the creativity, purity, effort and passion that went into each our creations. We hope that each WildNomads product will bring you happiness.

Nothing is perfect, Beauty is in the imperfection.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

WildNomads collaborates closely with local NGO’s to provide education to disadvantaged children. With your purchase, we help these NGO’s with 5% of the profit.